Powerful framework for integration between ASP.NET MVC and TypeScript. It offers:

  • exporting of your server view-models to TypeScript typings
  • performing TypeScript wrapper methods for server controller actions calls being generated during build time
  • exporting documentation for client-side code from XMLDOC automatically
  • fluent configuration along with attribute configuration

Reinforced.Typings integrates to your MVC project and does all its work within build process to make your client-side code stay consistent to server-side



Ultimate data grids framework solving all your problems with remote loading and displaying various amounts of data. Key features:

  • easy, intuitive fluent C# configuration
  • close and type-safe server integration
  • extended templating features
  • transparent client/server filtering incl. promotion of filtering requests directly to data source through IQueryable interface
  • extended templating features
  • extended performance tuning opportunities

Reinforced.Lattice is ultra-flexible framework that will set you free of all the problems with output of data sets, lists, tables and much more