Please do not create issues about Reinforced products within their github repos. Instead, post your questions to StackOverflow.

Remember that it is much more flexible for me to monitor 2 tags and answer than sort mail from GitHub.

About Author

My name is Pavel B. Novikov. I have created all of Reinforced opensource products. Here are ways to contact me:

Doing business with Reinforced products

Regarding Reinforced products I can provide followind services:

  • coaching and training for your staff about how to use Reinforced products properly
  • expetise and advisory for your software systems in order to integrate Reinforced product to tech. stack
  • custom extensions development for Reinforced products, paid technical support, private custom builds
  • complete development of your software system using Reinforced products

Feel free to contact me using any of ways supplied above - I will answer as far as it is possible